approval of a strategic emerging industry professional

“Notice” shows that countries will support and encourage the talents of emerging strategic industries efforts to encourage creation of new energy, the Internet, new materials, agriculture and medicine, earth resources development and other related professional major colleges and universities at the undergraduate stage.

“Notice” Mulberry Briefcases in the areas of strategic emerging industries, including: a new energy industry. Renewable energy technologies, energy conservation technology, clean coal technology, nuclear technology, the use of energy saving and environmental protection and resource recycling, carbon emissions characteristics of industrial, construction, transportation systems, new energy vehicles. 2, the information network industry. Sensor network, networking technology. 3, new materials industries. Microelectronic and optoelectronic materials and devices, Mulberry Briefcases new functional materials, high-performance structural materials, nanotechnology and materials. 4, agriculture and Mulberry Holdalls pharmaceutical industries. Transgenic breeding techniques. The key core technology of innovative medicines and basic medical equipment. 5, space, ocean and Mulberry Purses&Wallets earth exploration and resource development use.

From the contents of the “notice” the national culture for strategic and emerging industry talent is very urgent, it is imperative.

“Notice” is displayed, any creation of strategic emerging industries of professional colleges and universities, the Ministry of Education will give special support to be approved, such as the application of cooperative education and foreign renowned universities and leading enterprises and institutions to carry out priority; another right turn into the strategic emerging industry majors in the electronic registration policy support.

The reason for the creation of these new professional, the Ministry of Education, the state decided to vigorously develop the relationship between the Internet, green economy, low carbon economy, environmental technology, bio-medicine to the environment and human life, some important strategic emerging industries.

The notice also said that approval of professional and have enrollment conditions, seek to include the 2010 enrollment plan formal enrollment. Ruoyin enrollment Mulberry Messenger Bags plan or for other reasons can not be included in the Admission Scheme 2010 enrollment can be transferred through other professional to recruit students from the school in 2010 or second-year undergraduate students in school through the turn professional manner approved by the professional learning.

Recently issued by the Ministry of Education to teach high hall of the letter [2010] No. 13, Office of the Ministry of Education Mulberry Holdalls of the notice on the declaration and approval Mulberry Messenger Bags of strategic and emerging Mulberry Purses&Wallets industries related professional “(hereinafter referred to as” Notice “) of concern.

approval of a strategic emerging industry professional

Order to increase the talent of emerging industries of strategic efforts to train, support and encourage qualified colleges and universities from undergraduate to start, accelerate the teaching content, curriculum, teaching methods and management system and operation mechanism reform and innovation, and actively develop strategic emerging industries relevant professional personnel to meet the urgent needs of the national strategic development of new industries for high quality talent, research, and decided before the end of April 2010 to complete the declaration and approval of a strategic emerging industry professional.

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