Hunter Wellies – The Boot That Beat The Downturn cartier watches

Figures are predicted to break 2009 record results, thank to the brands huge global push in marketing, advertising and collaborations.

Hunter boots is owned by Conservative minister Lord Marland which has certainly helped with press coverage; On a recent visit to America, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron gave two pairs of Hunter Wellies to the USA President Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha.

The recession has hit many retailers hard, with many companies suffering financial difficulty and bankruptcy. According to the Daily Telegraph, more than 4000 businesses were forced into liquidation between June and August 2010 alone.

Hunter Wellies are now selling in hundreds of online and offline concession worldwide and have even opened a pop-up shop in London’s Westfield shopping centre for this September. Hunter Wellies retail from 65, with prices reaching 255 for limited edition ranges.

In response to a high street trend of collaborating with designers, Hunter has teamed up with iconic British designer shoe brand Jimmy Choo. Together they have created an exclusive range of luxurious Wellington boots that marries the quintessential elements of Jimmy Choo with the traditional characteristic of Hunter.

However, the Hunter brand has emerged even stronger than before the financial depression, with record high profit and turnover figures for 2009, with the best performing year to date. Pre tax profit was recorded at 4.1 million with a healthy turnover of 25.7 million.

Despite the healthy results, the business has taken actions to ensure they remain above water. The number of employees has been decrease from 2,504 to 1,972 over the last 12 months. In addition to this, the director’s pay has also dropped from a 284,000 to 52,000. In an attempt to cut more cost, Hunter Wellies are now manufactured in China, but still use traditional British methods and procedures to make the footwear.

Hunter Wellies – The Boot That Beat The Downturn

The business sells a huge range of wellington boots, in a wide variety of colours in classic and fashionable styles. The diversity of the range is the reason behind their success, reaching out to a wider market with new, innovative designs.

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