Nike heels news 1 red wings boots

Nike heels news 1

To combat commoditization in the running shoe business, John Stanton, the founder of Edmonton-based Running Room, has layered on a service to lure people into his stores. Mr. Stanton offers free group runs to anyone ?you don even have to be a customer to join in. Now, you may ask, hat the big deal about offering a running group??Well, if you have ever had to go for a run on a cold, dark February morning michael kors watches, you know the prospect can be made slightly easier knowing youe going to meet a group leader and some fellow masochists at the store. Mr. Stanton has been careful to make his running groups accessible to all levels. Precisely at 8:30 a.m. replica watches, his store managers across the country welcome all new runners. Participants are encouraged to stand under a flag that corresponds with the number of kilometres they intend to run, and the manager thereby ensures all runners are matched up with others whose workout goals match their own. On the surface, this service actually costs Mr. Stanton money. He has to pay his managers to open his stores 90 minutes before paying customers arrive. But cartier watches, in fact, adding this service goes a long way to differentiating his stores. It breeds loyalty among his customers who get the equation: support the local store, and itl be able to continue to provide the valuable extras. Mr. Stanton combines offerings of free weekly group runs red wings boots, low-cost running clinics, gate analysis and various other services to make his running shoes seem just a little less commoditized ?which have allowed him to preserve his margins and scale up a 90-store chain peddling a product that is basically a commodity. So if youe selling a product, think less about how to compete on price and more about adding a layer of service on top of your product that gives people a reason ther than price ?to buy from you. Tags: Nike heel, Nike heels, high heel Nike, Nike high heel, Nike heel Boots, Nike pumps?

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