giovedì 22 Febbraio 2024

RIchiesta dall’America

Richiesta di aiuto nel rintracciare i parenti a Montescaglioso


I am from the United States and am looking for information about my family in 
Montescaglioso. My great grandparents immigrated here from Montescaglioso and 
I know that I still have family there. I am hoping to either re-connect with 
them or find information about them. My great grandmother was Anna Scarano 
Racamato (born on Sep. 26, 1889 in Montescaglioso, Matera, Italy). My great 
grandfather was Michele Racamato (born in 1889 in Montescaglioso, Matera, 
Italy). Anna Scarano Racamato’s brother, Frank Scarano (born in 1881) also 
immigrated here. Michele Racamato’s brother, Angelo Racamato (born March 13, 
1895) also immigrated here. If you have any information on any of them or 
relatives, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,


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